Safety Guide


Our Bell Tents can only be set up on flat, grassy surfaces. We do not set up on artificial surfaces to minimise the risk of damage.


Due to the size of the bell tents we ask you have sufficient space for set up. The 7m bell tent requires a 9m diameter space and the 4m bell tent requires a 6m diameter.


Please avoid wearing shoes inside the tent if it has been raining or the ground is muddy. This is for hygiene reasons and ensures that the tent stays clean for the duration of your booking. A basket will be provided at the entrance for shoes.

High heels are strictly forbidden in the tent as they cause tears.


All flammables are strictly forbidden in or around the bell tent.  This includes, but is not limited to, heaters, fire pits, BBQ's, cigarettes/cigars, candles, vapes and any other device that creates heat, gas, smoke or flames.


Due to hygiene reasons animals are not allowed inside the bell tent at any point.